Sunday, 24 May 2009


We’ve had a pair of Siskins in the garden for a couple of days – really exciting. The male is so colourful, whereas the female doesn’t have the yellow body or the black cap. I know they’re quite common, but they’ve never been here before, so I’m really pleased. This isn’t one of my photos – it’s one from the Internet.


Sunday, 17 May 2009

My pride and joy


I am so proud of this photo! I took it a couple of weeks ago, when John left me in charge of his super duper Pentax DSLR while he nipped out of the hide we were in and was privileged to see my first kingfisher. Since then, we’ve seen him a few times and he’s obviously feeding young.

We had hoped to go see if the babes were around this weekend, but unfortunately, John had to work. I doubt we’ll see them now, as the parents only feed them for three or four days once they fledge. Maybe we’ll get to see the next brood…


Isn’t this fab? One of John’s masterpieces, again…Moonshot_3-2 If you click to enlarge it, you can even see the craters, although not as clearly as I can, here. It printed really, really well, A4 size.

Beautiful Babe

S1051263 How gorgeous is this? I heard a strange bird call through the open window this afternoon and was intrigued. S1051237 When I went out to feed the rest of them, I found this little beauty in the grass. He promptly moved to the fence and stayed there for ages and ages, screeching away at the top of his voice. Notice how he doesn’t have any tail feathers, yet. I think he must have flown - or fallen from - the nest too early, though he seemed able to fly well enough. S1051252 Notice how Mum is watching me very closely, here - obviously worrying about her little one. As it turned out, she had good cause for worry. I went inside and sat at the table to look at the photos and heard a lot of babble, so I rushed up to the window, just in time to see a huge bird flying off. Not sure what it was. It looked way too dark to be a Sparrowhawk, although it had a huge wingspan. I suspected a crow or a jackdaw, though I didn’t see the head at all, it moved so quickly. S1051255I thought whatever it was had taken him and was devastated, feeling more than a little responsible. Ten minutes later, I heard him calling again but this time from the trees at the back of the house, so I breathed a sigh of relief.

Not for too long, though. Unfortunately, that constant calling gave away his location. I heard the adults chunnering and a flurry, then heard him no more. S1051251

Must admit, I’m heartbroken that something so beautiful, so tiny and so fragile could be here one minute, gone the next. However, I also feel really privileged. When we had blackbirds nesting by the door, they were very tame and we were allowed to get really close to them, without the parents getting upset, because they knew I was feeding them. But I don’t remember seeing them with no tail feathers, even though there were three of them and it was a really hot Spring, so they were often sitting on top of the nest, calling for food!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I have vivid memories of bluebells, when I was a kid. There was a valley not too far from where I lived which was absolutely filled with them at this time of year - we called it the Bluebell Wood. Often, we would go there after school - probably weren't supposed to. It was lovely to just sit there and to enjoy them and I remember going alone several times! I also remember running home one day because I saw a bull, there and I was pretty scared, lol. These were taken at Mere Sands Wood, which is our favourite haunt of the moment.


This one was a fair distance away but great to see it, all the same!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Some of John's bird photos...

Long tailed tit
Grey Heron


I have a silly number of bird photos and I don't think it's fair to upload them to my Inky Fingers Blog, where people expert stamped artwork. Hence the reason for this Blog, in which I can feel free to upload whatever I like. This was our favourite blackbird, who used to sit on the garage steps, sleeping or sunbathing whilst John was inside. One of his legs wouldn't bend and I made a point of looking after him, so eventually he became almost tame, coming when called and just sitting in the plantpot by the door. He'd even come to greet John's car as he arrived home!
Sadly, he disappeared around February 2009, after I'd seen him with a withered foot. I've really, REALLY missed him.