Thursday, 24 December 2009

Outside my back door…

window sill bird

He’s within 18 inches of me.

garage roof girlie

She’s about 2ft away from me here.

birdhouse bird

This one’s directly across from the door, about 3ft.

tree pot girlie

This is what awaits me when I open the back door – all clucking away, saying they’re desperate for food! One day that garage window sill is going to drop off but you can’t tell some men, can you?

plant pot birdie

tree birdie

Christmas Eve Eve… and wasn’t it pretty?

11pm231209re 11pm2312092 re

Sadly, it’s now thawing, so we won’t have a white Christmas after all.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Long time no see – Snow…

Yes, we’ve had LOTS of snow in the last few days and although it’s raining now, it’s also very, VERY cold and due to go below –7 tonight, so the rain will freeze on top of the already frozen snow – brrr! Glad I don’t have to go far tomorrow.

My birds have been VERY active and VERY hungry while the ground is too hard to dig for worms and here are a few photos of them. As I walked down the garden, they were in the trees and on the fence, clucking at me, desperate for food – every time they saw me, lol.hounding me

another friendat my feet

This one couldn’t wait for me to move before pouncing on the sultanas. I’ve been scraping back the snow on and off all day, to make sure they weren’t totally hidden by it.

just outside the door

This one was waiting outside the door as I came out, as you can see.

poor mister blackbird

Oops! Cut his head off… must remember to change my camera to a higher setting when not photographing artwork!

gorgeous girlposing for me