Sunday, 25 April 2010

Marsh Tit

I thought this little sweetie was a Coal Tit when it landed on the table in front of us, until a real Coal Tit arrived and I realised how different they were!  I thought at first it was a Willow Tit, but on researching it and looking at several photos, I’m plumping for Marsh Tit – not sure whether or not I’m right.  Almost as difficult as deciding whether or not a bird is a Chiff Chaff or a Willow Warbler, lol.

marsh tit 

We also see lots of Reed buntings while at these reserves, so I just snagged a photo (sorry to whoever’s it is) to show you what one looks like.  I deleted mine – must ask John if he has any!

reed bunting

Woodpeckers and Willow Warblers

Got absolutely drenched early this afternoon when out birdwatching and when we arrived home, it was dry :(

This is what we were watching…



Willow warbler

Isn’t that a fab image of the Willow Warbler – hard to believe it’s so tiny?  Photos by John.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Risley Moss

Long time since I’ve posted here but that’s mainly because I haven’t been taking many photos.  I’ve been enjoying my new Bins, bought by my lovely brother for my Christmas present and the camera just doesn’t come close.  John’s got some crackers, though so I’ll be posting those as soon as I get them – especially the ones of the Great Spotted Woodpecker we saw last weekend.

Meantime, we’ve found a couple of new places to visit and have been enjoying the change in weather.  Moore Park, just over the other side of Warrington and by the Manchester Ship Canal, is a great place – huge and spread out, with lots to see.  Risley Moss is a bit smaller, but has a charm of its own and a cracking hide with lots of feeders, where all 3 species of woodpecker can be seen.  We were entertained by the Great Spotted last weekend, who seemed to be playing a game of hide and seek with us and we saw a few tree creepers and other birds, so it was a good day and the weather was wonderful for this time of year.  My camera died – yes, I forgot to take stand by batteries :(

Here’s the only decent shot I managed to get – a nice male bullfinch :)