Thursday, 7 January 2010

Winter sky – is it blossom or snow?

is it blossom or is it snow 2

hard to imagine 2

watching me re

winter sky 1

can't find the worms

robin and blackbird

girlie with damaged foot

Finally managed to get my little girlie.  Not sure if you can see it here but her right foot is totally bent backwards under her leg.  I think she’s the one Lynne and I rescued from a Sparrowhawk a couple of years ago.  The following day  when I opened the door, she flew down and sort of bounced at my feet by the door because she was scared and desperate for food but when we tried to pick her up, she managed to fly off.  She’s pretty trusting, though :)


jasminduft said...

Stunning photos! Thanks for sharing!

Lottie said...

She is lovely - those sparrow hawks - I have to watch out for them too - or rather my chickens do. I guess all of nature is cut throat - and they are all in the 'chain' but some are more endearing than others aren't they. I love your photos - and the first really does look like spring cherry blosom doesn't it.

christiane 83 said...

J'adore !!!, c'est merveilleux, moi aussi je nourris et j'aime beaucoup la nature et les oiseaux, bizzzz, Cricri de Provence