Sunday, 10 October 2010

Quickie post

Well, I took LOADS of photos this morning but most of them were blurred.  Duh!  Must try harder.  I had some great shots of nuthatches, blue tits, coal tits, marsh tits, a jay and a great spotted woodpecker but they’re all total rubbish, so have been consigned to the Recycle bin.

Here are the few I salvaged.

Great tit on feeder crop

coal tit crop

agaric 1

fungi 29000

fungi 28000

frilly fungus

I love these.  Nature’s so clever.  They were really frilly and I thought at first they were dead leaves because that’s just what they look like.


Sally H said...

Stunning photos! your coal tits are beautiful! I didn't even manage to take one photo of the birds we saw yesterday. Fungi are so much easier as they can't fly away! That fly agaric is a beauty and the puff balls too. I think it's going to be a good year for them

Lottie said...

Goodness me - these are absolutely stunning photos - I am so glad you saved them. It's hard taking photos of 'moving things' isn't it. I have to take lots of my little bantams just to get a few not blurred