Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My weekend…

I didn’t get to see many birds over the weekend – apart from the hundreds in my brother’s garden, which I didn’t photograph, but I did get to see more of York and a little of Whitby.  The weather was wonderful – crisp, clear and sunny, although really cold, but no wind.  It was a nice change from the grey, cloudy, windy North West.

I loved these paintings, discovered underneath the paint in a little old church.  I imagine it was a way to avoid Henry VIII’s wanton destruction of all things sacred, but amazingly, they’ve been preserved.

IMGP6709  IMGP6707

This is Whitby and the abbey used for target practice by the Germans, during World War II.



There are lots of lovely houses built into the cliffs and LOTS of steps to climb.


The waves were wonderful and huge.


There were little turnstones on the pier and I’d never seen them before, but they were incredibly difficult to photograph because they just don’t stay still and the bright sun made it all the more difficult.



I went to see the Festival of Angels – lots of ice sculptures on display in the street, but sadly, it started to rain and they were melting by the time I got to take any photos.

IMGP6857  IMGP6839


We ended up in The House of the Trembling Madness, for a welcome beer! There are some gruesome animal heads on the wall, though.


Finally, a late afternoon sky.



Jack said...

Fab pictures Cath. I haven't been to Whitby for years - still have some Whitby Jet earrings that my Dad got for me from there. We are lucky as there are always turnstones at the coast although I haven't escaped to see them for ages! xx

Sally H said...

Wonderful photos. I love Whitby - one of my favourite places. Those paintings in the church are amazing!