Sunday, 6 May 2012

Woohoo! Finally got out…

The weather’s not been too bad today, so we risked going out in the warm sunshine (almost afraid to say it, he, he) and yes, it did rain after a little while but we got to see some wildlife first.  Seems like ages since I used the camera and I took a lot of blurred photos but I salvaged these.

The first damselflies I’ve seen this year!


You know, they really are strange creatures when you see them close up …


Then we got to see some birds.


great tit

great tit 2

All my jay photos were blurred but here’s one anyway.




It’s no secret that I love birds and dearest to my heart are robins and blackbirds because of their tameness.  But my all time favourite, which I rarely get chance to see close up, despite having a pair or two in the garden, is the Coal tit.  I managed a few photos here, right in front of the hide but one of them looks absolutely battered.  They were coming and going a lot, so they must be feeding young, poor loves.  The light isn’t brilliant, so they’re a bit grainy, unfortunately.




Then I got a real surprise when one of the birds I can never manage to photograph appeared for a minute or so. Not brilliant because they’re never still but at least I got one!


Couldn’t resist these.


Or these, even though I despise them when they steal all my bird food.



To end our time beautifully, we were looking out over the marshes and I noticed this in my bins.


Sadly, all you can see here is a blurred blob of yellow, he, he, but it was a Yellowhammer – my first of the year, so a fitting way to end the day, even if it was raining by then.

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Sally H said...

Beautiful Damselflies, Cath. Not seen any myself yet this year. I have to agree your coal tits do look a bit the worse for wear and that Robin isn't plump is he? We have nesting robins at the moment and they are demolishing the meal worms we put out for them