Sunday, 23 May 2010

Insects and a few birds…

Gorgeous weather here the last few days and today we were treated to three very cute baby squiggles and these special little creatures.


Common Blue Damsel Flies

We did also see a Blue tailed damselfly, but it was so slight and thin that the camera wouldn’t focus on it – need to get closer :D


Not sure if this is the Large or Small Damselfly

4 Spotted_Chaser

One of the first dragonflies of the year – the 4 spotted broad back chaser.  I didn’t even know there were as many species are there are, but we were lucky enough to meet a guy who told us that broad back chasers are the first to appear – at the same time as Damselflies because they feed on them – then hawkers - the ones we’re used to seeing (and several other types, as I found out on visiting a Dragonfly website) appear in Summer.

While hunting through one of my photo folders, I also spotted these, which I had forgotten all about.


Not a fab photo because it was too bright but this was from the year before last.  We used to get up to 13 or 14 goldfinches on our feeders at any one time and they’d be knocking each other off, fighting for a perch. Since the cold snap, we’ve only had the odd pair, which is very sad.  They sing so beautifully and are such happy birds.

This one’s from Pennington Flash – I couldn’t believe just how many cormorants were perched here and had forgotten just how striking it was!


This is the main one – wow!  Just try counting how many there are :D  Just wish it was clearer but it was a LONG way from the hide.


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