Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Weekend Adventures

We were thrilled to see lots of different birds over the weekend, including a harrier, a pair of yellowhammers (photo to follow in next post) and a black cap.

Meanwhile, I took these – not as good as John’s but a couple of them aren’t bad considering my crappy little camera, lol.

demon squiggle

demon squiggle 2

demon squiggle 3

Yes, it may look cute but I call them ‘demon squiggles’ and this is a prime example.  It was unbelievable how he/she was managing to get up and down those feeders and one of them was trying to bite through barbed wire round one of the feeding tables!  I spend half my day chasing them out of my garden with a big brush!!! 

reed bunting

These are the reed bunting.


woodpecker blackbird again

Great Spotted Woodpecker and a blackbird, pecking at the fat in the holes on this tree stump.  Can’t help but admire the tenacity of both the blackbird and the robins, the way they launch themselves at this stump is incredible and they’re almost always rewarded.

woodpecker 2

Last but not least, one of my favourite birds – real characters.  I’d swear this little one was posing for me!  He was definitely looking straight at me.  There’s nothing so quintessential as an English robin – they’re cheeky, clever and beautiful little birds.


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Eiglas said...

What a fab pic of a cheeky incumbent and what a fab blog!
Just love our little feathered friends and went feeding red kites a couple of weeks ago!