Wednesday, 4 August 2010


This weekend, I was lucky enough to watch the experts ringing birds at Moore Reserve – it was fandabby doo!!  They all look SO much smaller close to and they’re so beautiful.  Nature really is God’s Masterpiece.  Here are a few of those we saw.

Long tailed tit (Juvenile


long tailed tit 2

Blue Tit

blue tit 2

blue tit

Robin (Juvenile


robin closer

juvenile robin

Wren – look at the glorious patterns on the wings!  I’ve often seen them close up but had never seen these before.
just wren

Goldfinch (Juvenile

juvenile goldfinch

Reed Warbler

reed warbler

Sedge Warbler

sedge warbler 2

Reed Warbler and Sedge Warbler together – to show the difference.

sedge warbler and reed warbler

Chiff Chaff

chiff chaff

Great Spotted Woodpecker.  These are MUCH smaller than they look when flying or feeding.

great spotted woodpecker 2

great spotted woodpecker 

Look at its barbed tongue

great spotted woodpecker tongue

How cool was that?????

We did also see a gorgeous Coal Tit – one of my favourite birds of all from the garden because they’re so very tiny – but didn’t get a photo.  Shame.

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Jack said...

What a fabulous day out! Brilliant photos. xx