Sunday, 15 August 2010

My first photos with the Pentax

I’m chuffed to bits today cos John’s let me loose with one of his cameras, which is ‘mine’ for when we go out photographing wildlife.

Here are my first attempts – not bad considering I really struggle to hold the heavy camera totally still, lol.

As always, click to enlarge if you need to.

This is a peacock butterfly


Not sure which kind of dragonfly this is but it looks like a chaser or a darter – probably immature


df48 superb

df 28 wing colours good

This looks like another species – been trying to find them online but it’s difficult to compare.

DF 15


df61 perf

df 21 good

 This is a Small Heath Butterfly


A common blue damselfly.


You may have to look closely here to see the little tiny froggie!!

little froggie 3 ex

And here’s a dragonfly nymph.

nymph 7

When we arrived home, we saw what I thought was a juvenile greenfinch in the tree, so I took a few photos.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t a juvenile at all – it was a sick little greenfinch.  We found it in the garden yesterday.  Looks as if that horrible virus is doing the rounds again and this time I know it isn’t from my feeders because I’ve been cleaning them out and disinfecting them regularly.  It’s heartbreaking, though.  They’ve only just started to come back since they were virtually wiped out by this virus a few years ago.  Just hope they don’t all go.

And finally, the great British summer?  Or not – just shows that it’s more like Autumn!

shrooms 3

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Jack said...

Brilliant photos again Cath. Hope you get lots more trips out with 'your' camera. xx