Thursday, 19 August 2010

Hunting Fungi

Today’s pics.  Not much to show cos it started raining not too long after we arrived and we spent way too much time waiting for the kingfisher to come back to the hide – which didn’t happen!

So, I concentrated on fungi – one of my big loves.  Not that I know much about them but I find them fascinating.

fungus 2

fungus 11

fungus 3

fungus 5

fungus 7

fungus 15

fungus 16

fungus 19

fungus 20

fungus 22

fungus 23

fungus 24

Pretty cool for something with such a ‘bad’ name as fungus???   Don’t you think?  Isn’t nature amazing?

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Sally H said...

Wow! How beautiful! We have been out today in Sherwood forest and saw a few fungi - we also saw a hornets nest.I couldn't believe how huge they were! Will try and post a few photos in the morning