Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Red Kites

We went to Gigirin Farm, in Powys, yesterday – to see the Red Kites the farmer there feeds every day.  They were incredibly difficult to photograph – they’re so graceful that they appear to be floating slowly but in actual fact, they move VERY fast, so just as you get a focus on them, they’ve gone!!  So, in addition to learning how to use the new camera AND the manual focus, I didn’t get many reasonable shots at all, but here’s what I did get.

kite in flight

kite landing

Can you see the meat in the birds’ claws?  Poor crows and ravens didn’t really get a look in – they just had to stand and watch!

kite 4 meat

kite3 ok s

Just look at those incredible wings!  Absolutely stunning.

kite on ground bit better

I’d really recommend a visit if you like watching birds. The bits I like best are when they freefall and almost bang into each other – deliberately – but just miss by a hair’s breadth.  Just as good as watching the Red Arrows, lol.  They also pair for life, so you’ll see two of them soaring and dropping together quite often.  It’s a lovely sight.  You can just imagine lying on the grass, watching them playing on the thermals and time would just stand perfectly still because you’re transported elsewhere for a little while.  Fantastic!

Here are a couple of the expert’s photos, lol.



Hope I get to be this good with a little more practice and a lot more patience.


Jack said...

Red Kites are moving into Hampshire. We have them regularly at my MiL, down the road at Selborne and the other day I saw one fly over the garden! Aren't they gorgeous. xx

Zoechaos said...

Thank you.

Sally H said...

Wow! Fabulous!

cockney blonde said...

Nothing wrong with your photos Cath. Fabulous shots. I think Dave would enjoy going there as he loves watching birds. We try to take in RSPB places when we're away in this country, x

Susan Allan said...

These are really fascinating birds to watch. I live in Oxfordshire where they are thriving. We see them over our house doing arial battles and often see them in the fields at close quarters.

If you love red kite come down here; they are everywhere!!

Sue A xx

Sarah A said...

Hi Cath

Thought I would come over and look at another bit of blogland for a change lol.

Nothing wrong with your photo's at all, you have captured the movement and greatness of these magnificent birds.

Sarah x